The Next Generation

Bridgemate presents the next generation of wireless electronic scoring for duplicate bridge clubs.

Bridgemate II is the world standard: better than the previous model Bridgemate Pro and far ahead of any other brand. Bridgemate is now in use at 4.500+ of clubs all over the world.

Build on a 12-year unbeaten track record, Bridgemate II offers you even more functionality and user-friendliness, all in a modern and slim design.

Bridgemate II Device
Bridgemate II increases the attractiveness of your club
  • Scoring has never been so easy. The Bridgemate II system is fully integrated with your scoring program and is quickly deployed within a few seconds every session.
  • A new intuitive user interface makes entry of scores easier than ever. All information is entered on one screen, providing the players a complete overview of their input.
  • Immidiate feedback of full frequency lists or travelers gives your players a better understanding of their performance.
  • Displaying player names, hand records and board analysis add to the excitement of the game.
  • Continuous validation of the score entry and feedback to the players reduce the number of TD calls and will make you sessions progressing more smoothly.
  • Get rid of guide cards. Bridgemate II shows you the movement throughout the game.
  • The modern and ergonomic design of the Bridgemate II fits perfectly on every bridge table.
We've saved the best for the last:
Bridgemate comes at a very competitive price!
The Bridgemate II costs

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